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I never hit my ex-wife. But many times I wanted to shoot her.
I am in favor of a dictatorship.
My pen is mightier than yours.
If a few innocent people die, that’s allright.
If I see two men kissing on the street, I'll beat them up.
Oh poor little poor person. Everybody’s a poor little something!
Why don’t you go and rent a woman’s belly?
I had four sons, but then I had a moment of weakness, and the fifth was a girl.
If it’s up to me, every citizen will have a gun at home.
There is no homophobic behaviour in Brazil.
A policeman who doesn’t kill isn’t a policeman.
I will not accept an election result that is not my own victory.
Soon homosexuals will be able to have a uterus implanted.
I will respond to the senator with toilet paper.
I'm in favor of torture. You know that. And the people are too.
The scum of the earth is showing up in Brazil.
I’m not going to rape you, because you’re very ugly.
Jesus Christ was not totally passive... If he had a firearm, he'd have used it.
There would be no human rights.
If I want to hire a prostitute for my office, I'll hire her.
I used that housing allowance money to fuck people.

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